Nintendo & My Dog Ben

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  • pigsy2400 29 Apr 2013 13:10:16 153 posts
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    Nintendo & My Dog Ben

    I am gamer, first and foremost, not one of these retarded Fanboy dicks!

    When I was younger I didnt see gaming about Sega or whether they did what
    Nintendont!! I was always a Gamer first and still am!

    I was never one to argue in the playground at school, whether Sonic was better
    than Mario, who would win in a fight between Robotnik or Bowser.

    I loved both equally & was lucky enough to own each console throughout the
    Sega/Nintendo wars.

    Nintendo my old friend,you nursed me through primary school with Mario 3,
    made college bearable with Mario Kart tournaments & made me cry when I was 17
    when I realised that OoT was over as the credits rolled..... in the last few
    years I feel like you have become the beloved three legged sheep dog of my
    childhood, that as much I love, I feel that I need to reach for the 12 bore,
    take you down the shed, give you one last fuss and blow you away.

    How did you get so lost? The writing was on the wall with the Wii U long before
    it was released, you said that you recognised that you didnt market your
    products effectively enough and that this was going to change, and yet people
    still dont get it!

    "Is it for my Wii thing?" quotes from my own gran, who plays Wii Bowling with
    the bingo brigade on thursday evenings.

    Christmast just gone, I saw 1 solitary Wii U advert and a Bazillion for PS Vita
    / PS 3 and this was the launch window.

    Well there will always be E3,. oh hang on,... youve cancelled that as well!
    Brilliant, way to go Nintendo, people dont get your products and you take one of
    the biggest platforms of communicating to people on the world stage on what you are all about and you cancel that for Nintendo Direct, yeah really personal that! Iwata running around in a fucking Luigi hat, fucking genius that!

    This isnt one of many Nintendo deathknells doing the rounds, I know they have
    cash reserves that would last 100 years of mistakes and they would still be ok!
    I "loved" Nintendo, but stumping up for a new console just to play Zelda, Mario
    just doesnt make sense anymore like I did from the GameCube onwards nor do I have the inclination to!

    This is more of a love letter to my first gaming love that feels like is no
    longer with us, which makes me feel kinda sad, the magic has gone from Nintendo
    or maybe I have to admit i have finally grown up,.....

    Come on boy, come on, we have some treats for you in the shed, fetch....BANG!

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  • Raiko101 29 Apr 2013 13:16:49 6,619 posts
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    My dog is called Ben too!

    3DS: 4210 4002 8289 (Dave)
    Wii U: Raiko87 (Dave)
    Xbox Live: Raiko87

  • neilka 29 Apr 2013 13:16:53 16,471 posts
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    I wept

    BAAANG!!!!! EXPLOTION!!!!!

  • nickthegun 29 Apr 2013 13:18:27 61,109 posts
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    This guy gets it

    My man gives real loving that's why I call him Killer
    He's not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, he's a thriller

  • DFawkes 29 Apr 2013 13:18:47 23,829 posts
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    Registered 9 years ago
    They didn't cancel E3 you big silly billy, they switched out having a big E3 conference with having some smaller ones. That's the only thing I see that you've misunderstood. The rest is just opinion. I would suggest, however, you look into the 3DS as I feel it may have some of the things you feel the Wii U is missing :)

    Oh for goodness sake, I've caught my scrotum in my zip again - Margaret Thatcher, 1986

  • mrpon 29 Apr 2013 13:20:17 29,432 posts
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    My Big Dong

    Give yourself 5 or gig, you're worth it.

  • DaM 29 Apr 2013 13:20:39 13,453 posts
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    Did they not used to do the Tokyo Game Show instead of E3 during the N64/GC days?
  • RyanDS 29 Apr 2013 13:20:59 9,739 posts
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    DFawkes wrote:look into the 3DS as I feel it may have some of the things you feel the Wii U is missing :)
  • brigadier 29 Apr 2013 13:22:06 136 posts
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    Buy a 3DS.
  • neilka 29 Apr 2013 13:23:33 16,471 posts
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    mrpon wrote:
    My Big Dong
    I wept

    BAAANG!!!!! EXPLOTION!!!!!

  • MrTomFTW Moderator 29 Apr 2013 13:41:03 39,395 posts
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    @neilka so what you're saying is mrpon's penis brought tears to your eyes?

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  • Waffleaber 29 Apr 2013 13:41:43 447 posts
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    Leave some exclamation marks for the rest of us, don't you know a thread auto-locks if a certain number is reached?
  • billythekid 29 Apr 2013 13:47:35 11,327 posts
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  • Bremenacht 29 Apr 2013 14:04:12 19,421 posts
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    That tale was fat too light on the dog side.

  • Bremenacht 29 Apr 2013 14:05:09 19,421 posts
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  • webespresso 15 May 2013 19:55:53 89 posts
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