Wii wins out again in the US

NPD figures put Sony at bottom of pile.

The Nintendo Wii has won America again, with double the number of consoles sold compared to Xbox 360 and more than five times the figure for PS3.

According to NPD data the Wii sold 2.04 million units - twice as many as during the same period last year.

Price cuts helped Xbox 360 reach 836,000 sales for the month, which was head-and-shoulders above PS3, shifting 378,000.

Sony's best performer was the PSP, with 421,000 units flogged. That, however, paled in comparison to the DS with 1.57 million sales.

The PS2 was bottom of the bunch with 206,000.

Total hardware sales amassed USD 1.21 billion, with overall revenues up 10 per cent - proving that videogames continue to survive the global economic slump. Total sales of software, hardware and accessories topped USD 2.91 billion, just in case you care.

This month Platform Sales
1 Wii 2.04 million
2 DS 1.57 million
3 Xbox 360 836,000
4 PlayStation Portable 421,000
5 PlayStation 3 378,000
6 PlayStation 2 206,000

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