Wii stock flying off shelves

HMV selling out in minutes.

HMV has told that the Nintendo Wii is selling out within minutes of going on sale, as consumer appetite for the console continues to massively outstrip supply.

The High Street retailer is confident it receives a fair share of stock as Nintendo does its best to meet demand, but admits to a frustration in not being able to fulfil customer's needs.

"Our store on Oxford Street had a delivery last week and it sold out in 34 minutes," revealed Tim Ellis, HMV's head of games. "That gives you an idea of how many we could actually sell."

"We're selling out so quickly at the moment it's frustrating for all parties concerned and it's the same everywhere. If we weren't getting any stock and everyone else was we'd be crying about it but we seem to be getting our fair share," he said.

Software for Nintendo's home console is also enjoying healthy sales, and it's not just the big first-party titles such as Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda doing good numbers.

"Nintendo games are genuinely good, but I think third-parties are starting to catch up," said Ellis.

"Companies like Sega, with Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Boogie from EA, Cooking Mama, some of the Ubisoft titles like My Word Coach - they aren't selling as well as Brain Training but it all adds up to a healthy market.

"The volumes on the hardware are such that it's now worthwhile for publishers to make the extra effort of working with the Wii," he added.

The full interview with Ellis, where he also discusses the performance of the PlayStation 3 and other software in the run up to Christmas, can be read here.

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