US to get black Wii remote and nunchuk

Plus: release date for new Wii Fit.

Black versions of the Wii remote, nunchuk and MotionPlus accessory are to be released in the US this "holiday season".

There's no word on whether a black console is also on the way, but seeing as one has already been launched in Japan it seems likely.

As reported by Kotaku, Nintendo has also confirmed a US release date for Wii Fit Plus. The disc and balance board will be available as a bundle for $100 (around 60 quid / 70 Euros). Lucky Americans who already own a board will be able to pick up Wii Fit Plus separately for $20 (12 / 14).

Nintendo has yet to announce a European release date for Wii Fit Plus, and there's no word yet on whether the black unit will make it over here.

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