That may be it for 360 BC updates

"I think they're winding that down."

We may have seen the last of Xbox 360's backwards compatibility updates, according to group marketing manager Albert Penello.

"I don't know if we have plans to do any more releases," Penello told Kotaku.

"It feels like we kind of hit the point of diminishing returns there. I know with the Xbox Originals, there are still things happening there, but in terms of a lot of engineering work around bringing out new titles, I think they're winding that down."

Apparently very few people are playing Xbox games on Xbox 360 these days, and Microsoft reckons it's covered most of the important "top selling" games anyway.

Although Penello admits it's "not exactly the answer everyone wants to hear", he expects one-off releases to be the norm.

Besides, when you can charge 1200 Microsoft Poitns for every new release through Xbox Originals, with so much of the catalogue already brought up to spec, it must be tempting to call it a day.

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