Street Fighter film out next year

Main cast members announced.

Capcom has announced the new Street Fighter movie will be released next year to tie-in with the game's 20th anniversary.

Michael Clarke Duncan, him off of The Green Mile and Sin City, will play Balrog. The role of M. Bison goes to Neil McDonough (Band of Brothers, Minority Report) while Chris Klein (the fit one from American Pie) will play Charlie Nash.

Taboo, "member of popular R&B music group Black Eyed Peas" as he's described in the press release, has been cast as funny old matador type Vega.

As previously announced, the role of Chun Li will be played by Kristin Kreuk. She's best-known to Smallville fans for her role as Lana Lang, and to fans of mediocre early-noughties Canadian teen drama as Edgemont's Laurel Yeung. The story will revolve around her, apparently.

"At Capcom, not only do we strive to make entertaining and profitable games, but we are also always endeavouring to lucratively develop our popular franchises in other media in ways that will please the fans," the company said in a statement. Bless.

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