Sony hit by two more Other OS lawsuits

Loss of PS3 Linux sparks class action claims.

Two more lawsuits have been levelled at Sony over the removal of the PS3's support for Other OS operating systems, including Linux.

According to GameSpot, the two suits were both filed in the US District Court of Northern California over the past two weeks, and both seek the status of class action complaints, representing the entire body of affected PS3 owners.

They follow Anthony Ventura's original class action lawsuit, filed in the very same district court.

Central to the argument of both new lawsuits is that Sony has removed advertised features of the console. Although the firmware update that removes Other OS support is optional, failing to apply it means other features - including online acccess, Blu-ray playback and games - are locked out.

As one suit put it, this presents PS3 owners with a "Hobson's Choice, or a 'choice' between two equally undesirable alternatives". This, it's argued, constitutes a breach of contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and false advertising.

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