Rockstar XBL, PSN event this weekend

Multiplayer with staff, prizes on offer.

Rockstar is hosting a special Social Club event this weekend where fans can challenge staff at Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer as well as win lots of prizes.

Shopping sprees of USD 300 at the Rockstar Warehouse merchandise site will be awarded for winning a GTA IV PC video editor contest, or for topping the Midnight Club Ocean to LA time trial.

The latter will produce champions on both Xbox 360 and PS3, plus there's prize packs for both games on offer for winners.

Starting tonight, between 11pm and 2am UK time, Rockstar staff will flood the GTA IV Xbox Live and PSN servers for a splash of multiplayer mayhem.

Then, tomorrow, from 5pm to 9pm, they will switch to GTA IV multiplayer on PC. Finally, the Rockstar staff will turn to Midnight Club multiplayer on Sunday evening from 9pm to midnight.

The Rockstar Social Club is the online website that correlates all sorts of saved game information from games such as Grand Theft Auto IV and Midnight Club: Los Angeles; sorting the info into leaderboards, statistics, clever maps of player activity and more.

Head over to the Rockstar Social Club to get involved in these upcoming events.

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