Premier Manager 08 dated

Strongest team yet.

Zoo Digital has revealed that a new Premier Manager will be available for PS2 and PC on 17th August. That's just one day before Arsenal begin their historic, maths-breaking title defence NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA CAN'T HEAR YOU NA NA NA.

This 2008 instalment will be the 13th in the long-running series, and aims to bring some new tactics to the table. There'll be a much wider variety of facilities to help you improve your players and staff this time around, with a new reward system to make it all worth your while.

You'll also be able to pop on the joggers and get hands-on with new training session options, as well as nurse your lads back to health with accurate injury diagnoses and rehabilitation functions. Scouting's also been improved, and you'll be able to tinker with research and discover capabilities to find your ultimate signing.

But despite all these new bits and pieces, Premier Manager 08 will still be the more accessible alternative to other games on the market; more pick up and play than stay in all day.

"The thing about Premier Manager is that we don't really seek to go head-to-head with Football Manager or Championship Manager, because frankly they've got bigger budgets and they're aimed at totally different kinds of gamer," a spokesperson for Zoo Digital told Eurogamer this afternoon.

"We're aimed more at the casual market; someone who wants a bit more of a pick up and play experience from a Football Management game. So, ideally someone who's maybe a bit younger or someone who just hasn't got the time to invest in Football Manager."

You can expect all the usual seasonal updates to be included here, too, adding to what Zoo Digital reckons will be its strongest line-up yet.

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