Paddy Power cancels PS3 bets

Whoops. Apology, compensation.

Irish bookie Paddy Power has cancelled all bets made on the outcome of the Euro PS3 price cut - refunding your original stake and a giving you a free one of same value, is reporting.

The site began taking bets earlier this week on just how low the European price of PS3 would go, following news of the American USD 100 chop. But this headline-grabbing novelty bet back-fired after Sony Europe decided to keep the console at GBP 425 and add an extra controller and couple of games instead.

Even though one of the six options available at Paddy Power was to bet the console would be priced between GBP 401 and GBP 425, the firm claims that because there was no reduction, the bet is null and void.

"We can only apologise and maybe we should have made it clearer in the press release," admitted Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power.

"All bets will be void, we'll refund the money and people will get a free Novelty bet for the same amount," she said.

Whoops. How's that for the luck of the Irish? [Fired! - Ed]

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