Ouendan sequel dated

Out! Next! Month!

It's a rhythm-action sort of day here at Eurogamer, what with Boom Boom Rocket blaring out of the imaginary-office speakers, and a sort of virtual conga line snaking around the Internet at news that the sequel to Ouendan is due out in Japan on 17th May.

We only know thanks to those crazy Japanese magazines (and those crazy enough to read them), but a refreshing glance back at our Osu! Tatakae Ouendan import impressions and all those strange marks on the cart suggest we ought to scoot off to an importer of some description and throw down some Eurodollars.

All of which meaningless hyperbole is meant to mask the fact that we haven't much else to say about it. The NeoGAF scribes list a number of tracks, but unless the first lot meant something to you before you played Ouendan then you probably won't recognise any.

Those seeking recognition shouldn't despair or sell their wedding pictures to HELLO or anything, however, because there's always the US adaptation of Ouendan, Elite Beat Agents, which won itself a mighty 9/10 on import from these very pages. It's available off the Internet for those of you with no qualms about importing.

Sadly though, there's no sign of it for those of you who prefer all their boxes to match up. In other words, those of you who want a European release. We want one in general so that the game sells more copies, which is the "good ending". Unfortunately, Nintendo UK wasn't prepared to comment on when we'll see it propping up the shelves down the high street, but retailers tell us to expect something this year. We'll let you know as soon as there's a concrete date.

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