No Rock Band 3 this year

Next game "maybe" to have keyboard.

Harmonix boss Alex Rigopolous has confirmed we won't see a third Rock Band game this side of 2010.

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show (as reported by Crispy Gamer), Rigopolous said, "We've actually made a choice to break out of the annual release cycle for Rock Band this year."

This is partly because Harmonix is busy working on the Beatles game announced last October. But also, according to Rigopolous, it's "because the annual cycle places limits on the choices you can make as a developer". He added, "We're trying to take a long term view."

Once the Beatles title is out of the way, Rigopolous said, Harmonix is keen to have a go at Led Zeppelin's back catalogue. But what about those rumours Rock Band 3 will work with a new keyboard peripheral? "The only answer I can give you to that question right now is maybe," he offered.

In the meantime, look out for our review of the first Rock Band game for Wii later this week.

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