No LEGO Potter in '09, says source

But more Indy could be on the way.

A senior source working close to Traveller's Tales has told us that LEGO Harry Potter is off the menu for at least 12 months.

However, Eurogamer understands that a new instalment of LEGO Indiana Jones is looking likely. The studio previously confirmed plans to release a new title in its hugely successful franchise this year.

The contents are unknown, but the first LEGO Indy focused solely on the original movie trilogy - skipping last year's big-screen sequel, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Harry Potter has been viewed as an obvious candidate for the LEGO treatment since Warner, which makes the Potter movies, bought Traveller's Tales in November 2007. Electronic Arts will release a game based on the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie due this summer, and its deal with Warner could have an impact on the development of any additional Potter-branded games in the short term.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 in an interview broadcast on new year's day, TT producer Loz Doyle was asked specifically if the studio would make another Indy game.

"You never know," he replied. "There's always the possibility that we would revisit a franchise. And you never know, it might not be the end of Star Wars, it might not be the end of Indy - we keep our options open."

Producer Nick Ricks added: "There will be a LEGO game in 2009. And I think it's okay to say that you'll be a bit surprised."

Elsewhere, it was rumoured late last week that a LEGO version of EA and MTV's Rock Band is also in development.

Traveller's Tales was, unsurprisingly, tight-lipped on the identity of its upcoming projects when contacted by Eurogamer over the weekend, while EA has yet to reply to our enquiries.

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