Ace Combat on PSP approach

Due this year.

Namco's planning to add Ace Combat to the list of PS2 game series to make the jump sideways to PSP.

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception will join the likes of Ridge Racer and Tekken Dark Resurrection on the Sony handheld, offering a mixture of campaign-based single-player plane-shootery and (seemingly ad hoc) wireless multiplayer.

In a piece in this week's Famitsu, translated by IGN, Namco says that Skies of Deception (or SOD - actually, perhaps not) will feature an original storyline told through CG cut-scenes, in which you play as a pilot in the Gryphus Squadron of the Federal Republic of Aurelia.

The piece names four planes - the F-14D Super Tomcat, Tornado F3, F2-A and MIG-31 Foxhound - which you'll be able to fine-tune, and says the game's missions will change dynamically based on your choice of strategy.

There will also be four-player wireless support - not just for dog-fighting, but for a bit of co-op combat too.

It's due out this autumn in Japan, so expect to hear Namco talking about it a bit more in the coming months - perhaps at E3.

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