Get On Da Mic confirmed as rap title

Rap "dopely" to 40 licensed tracks and then go out, get shot, slur your words and win a whole bunch of awards.

Every so often we joke about the possibility of a rap battle rhythm-action game. After all, the various teams behind Amplitude, DDR/Dancing Stage, Karaoke Stage, SingStar, EyeToy: Groove and a host of other similar titles have literally attempted everything else.

And yet it still came as something of a surprise when we learned that Eidos' embarrassingly titled Get On Da Mic (in development at French firm A2M in partnership with Highway1 Productions) will be just that sort of game - a "fantasy of rap superstardom, embracing the famous excesses of the hip-hop lifestyle along the way," where you'll progress thanks to your "dope rapping" via USB headset.

You'll rap for small gatherings initially, eventually building up to huge crowds via a number of studio sessions. You'll also be producing your own videos, and thanks to a bit of licensing tomfoolery you'll be rapping to some 40 tracks, even "freestyling" when it takes your fancy.

Get On Da Mic should be playable at Eidos' E3 booth this year, and we'll be curious to see how it goes down. Joking aside, a well-realised rap-based rhythm-action game would do well in our house. Behind closed doors to hide our embarrassment at any rate. Still, we're genuinely interested in it, and along with Eidos' 'audience with a porn star' we're now doubly interested in making our way to the publisher's E3 booth.

Expect to see Get On Da Mic in stores this autumn in Europe, followed by the release next spring of dance-action equivalent Get On Da Floor. Both titles will be PS2 exclusive, and with any luck both titles will be renamed for the European market...

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