SNK cold on PS3 development

Wants to wait a while.

SNK Playmore could wait as long as four years before releasing a PlayStation 3 game, despite having already pledged titles to Nintendo Wii.

"My first impression is that it's expensive. The PlayStation 2 is good enough. It's small and cheap. For us, for manufacturers, we have to invest in a new system, and the PlayStation 3 is a risk," overseas marketing manager Yoshihito Koyama told gaming blog Kotaku.

"There won't be enough consoles at launch. Few consoles mean few software sales. We need to wait three or four years. Maybe 2009-2010 is a good time to release a game for the PS3."

SNK Playmore, whose games are published in the UK by Ignition (and, under the terms of an agreement announced Monday, distributed by Atari), has previously said that it plans to support Nintendo Wii.

It's already planning a Metal Slug Anthology, based on the popular 2D shoot-'em-up, and president Ben Herman said the company wanted to use the Wii controller's "in a new and unique way that enhances the gameplay".

SNK's take on the other next-gen contenders, Sony and Microsoft, was previously unknown, although a recent deal with Ignition to publish future titles in the UK was worded to cover next-generation projects in addition to the likes of KoF: Maximum Impact 2 for PlayStation 2.

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