New Sims 3 details emerge

Bigger sandbox, no piss meter.

According to 1UP, the first details of The Sims 3 have been revealed in the US version of Games for Windows magazine.

Apparently you can expect a much bigger sandbox to play around in, one that's continually evolving. You'll be able to explore the local park and the rest of the town seamlessly and take part in activities outside your home - without having to buy any expansion packs.

It's goodbye to the bladder and sleep meters. Instead there's a new mood system designed to give you more freedom to explore without worrying about going to the toilet and so on. The character creation system has undergone a complete overhaul, although what this means exactly has yet to be revealed.

And that's it for now - but as reported yesterday, EA is expected to officially unveil The Sims 3 on 19th March. Check back then for some Simsy excitement here, too.

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