New PS Eye titles on US Store

Plus, discounts for four games.

The US PlayStation 3 Store says hello to a pair of new PlayStation Eye games this week, and what with it being Thanksgiving Sony has also slashed the prices on four other downloadable games.

The two PS Eye games are called Operation Creature Feature (USD 4.99 / 135MB) and Aquatopia (USD 1.99 / 38.9MB). The former sounds like a sort of Lemmings game based on hand movements, while the latter is an interactive fish tank where "you can even feed them by dabbing your hands in the top of the water".

The four games undergoing cheapening, meanwhile, are Calling All Cars, flOw, PixelJunk Racers, Everyday Shooter. All are reduced to USD 4.99 until 29th November to celebrate when some pilgrims did something involving boats and crabs, or whatever nonsense it is that nets them this ludicrous auxiliary Christmas.

Also on the store this week in Americaland are an MX vs. ATV Untamed demo (714MB) to accompany yesterday's Xbox Live version, a downloadable pack for flOw which adds a new campaign and playable creature as well as "added Camera food" (for USD 2.99), a Need For Speed ProStreet Collector's Edition Upgrade (USD 9.99), which adds five exclusive cars and four additional career race-days, and the previously detailed Rock Band content including tracks by Metallica, The Police and Queens of the Stone Age.

For more on those two PlayStation Eye games, check out our Operation: Creature Feature and Aquatopia screenshots, stolen rather pathetically from the US Sony blog post revealing them. In fact, don't even click our links. We're ashamed.

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