NBA Homecourt demo alert

Dunk the funk in Feb.

Leave those squeaks of a parquet floor behind, because we're taking this mother to the street, er, apparently. That's right my dog, NBA Street Homecourt is available on Xbox Live right now.

It's EA's basketball for the next-generation, built from the ground up to make the new technology grunt. With no holds barred it aims to take everything over the top, using new tricks, dunks, and plenty shirt-off attitude.

Create a character and play from zero to hero, or play as an established giant of the sport and unleash hidden master skills.

If that isn't enough to get your sweat-bands dripping, then play as one of six female NBA stars, or take your 3v3 game online, to er, represent.

The full-version of the game is due for release on 23rd March.

Meanwhile we'd advise you slam dunk your way to Eurogamer TV for a faceful of the recent trailers of the game.

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