Live Fallout 3 interview Finished

Bethesda Softworks' one-man vocal chord, Pete Hines, has been answering your questions about Fallout 3 since 4pm GMT.

Thank you very much to Pete Hines for taking part, and also to all of you who submitted questions. Apologies to those whose queries were not answered, and for whoever asked what the air speed velocity of a swallow was; the entries were as entertaining as ever!

What follows is the full transcript of the Fallout 3 live text interview with Pete Hines. The earliest questions and answers are at the top.

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  • Lin 6 years ago

    "So, do you ever feel guilty for steeling Black Isle's franchise and pidgeon hoing it into your dumbed down, consolised action adventure format? Is it intended as an acknowledgement that you could never create a game world that interesting on your own?"
  • TonyCocaCola 6 years ago

    Sod his face!

    Is he drinking Nuka Cola?!?!!

    I want some!
  • The_Surreal 6 years ago

    What's the matter with his face?
  • JYM60 6 years ago

    "I strongly advise people to get their gaming news from Kotaku."


    Are you joking, they're a pack of twats. And they get most of their news from forums like NeoGaf anyway.
  • CHAZBIGPOTATO 6 years ago

    Thats a Toblerone advert of a smile right there
  • TravisTouchdown 6 years ago

    Sex bomb, sex bomb, you're my sex bomb.

    God's wounds.
  • Kill_Crazy 6 years ago

    If the DLC for pc and xbox goes the way of gta4 (i.e. ages in coming) then i won't be too bothered as the next great game will come along and take my fancy anyway. However, if this is released in a month or two then i shall not be a happy bunny :(
  • CunningLinguist 6 years ago

    Such a POS interview. Stop advertising these PR sessions EG. The questions asked were a joke, either let us ask what we want to or tell the guy to fuck off and stay at home. You seem to forget that without your readers you are nothing. I think I asked a few ok questions, only to have my questions brushed aside for questions such as what did Liam think of the game? Why the fuck interview a VP of PR? The guy will only give you stock answers. I strongly advise people to get their gaming news from Kotaku.
  • yagisencho 6 years ago

    "Ladykiller perk is shit, it's come up twice in conversation in 20 hours!"

    That's because it's primarily a battle buffer (i.e., a bonus to crit on female antagonists). My female character is loving the equivalent 'Black Widow' perk. Who doesn't enjoy one-shotting raiders heads off?
  • Lonestar 6 years ago

    My question may have been blunt and to the point but I'm not going to skirt around the issue. Exclusive DLC is happening to multi-format games and the fanbase of the game, pays the price.

    He's the "VP of PR and Marketing for Bethesda Softworks" and "been at Bethesda for nine years" not someone who's suddenly been thrust into the spotlight. If there's one person who can field my question, it should be him. Who knows, maybe he'd have relished a chance to answer the question.

    This was probably the only time I'll get to ask my question to this indvidual so it might as well being something pertinent.

    I'd also like to point out that I'd ask the same question regardless of the development studio being interviewed, and I'll ask it again in future to both those who've gone down the 'exclusive DLC' route and to those who haven't - unless Eurogamer beats me to it of course (stop laughing back there...)
  • Razorus 6 years ago

    HAHAHA, the guy's face is so funny!
  • dr_faulk 6 years ago

    cucking funts didn't ask my question....
  • Moonprince 6 years ago

    "There's a difference between a challenging and offensive question. If you'd rephrased that it might have been acceptable. Something along the lines of 'Do you think it's fair to restrict the DLC to certain platforms' or 'Will there be anything to mitigate the lack of DLC on the PS3' are fair but the way you phrased that question is just a bit snide. "

    Have to disagree really. I feel the original wording isn't to cutting, its to the point, challenging yes but not unfair considering (considering his here to answer our questions, its a valid question in todays climate of exclusive deals etc etc)

    Its a shame these questions don't get asked and more commonly you'll find its the retarded ones that get put forward thus reinforcing the current childish / shitty community EG currently has (and you could argue promotes).
  • shotgun44 6 years ago

    He pretty much dodged every question that probably has a good answer, were he allowed to talk about it :/ Ladykiller perk is shit, it's come up twice in conversation in 20 hours!
  • MaxHughes 6 years ago

    "Perhaps next time I'll ask the more challenging "What's it like having a critically acclaimed game?" or the ever tricky "What's your favourite colour?"


    I feel I asked some relevant questions and it's a shame they never got forwarded on :(

    EDIT: damm coding!
  • kangarootoo 6 years ago

    I'm all for challenging questions, but anyone who plants a question that is bound to offend someone who has taken time out of their day for this sort of thing should hardly be surprised that it didn't get forwarded. Talk about cutting off your own nose to spite your face...

    My thoughts on FO thus far (only played it for about 6 hours so far I guess).

    1. A few too many dungeon crawling missions for my liking. Fair enough that some things are squirrelled away, but the levels I've experienced could have been half the size if not smaller imo.

    2. The whole good/bad karma system is pretty basic (though they never made a huge deal of it, so fair enough). Apparently nicking someone's steak sandwich is a "bad deed", but murdering their whole household in order to pinch said steak sandwich is just "the way of the wild". I can seem a little ridiculous at times, to murder a room of people with no comment and then see the bad karma icon phase into view as your pocket a pencil from a desktop. Not a real issue by any stretch though.

    Overall, loads of fun, and I'm suffering sleep dep today as a result.

    Oh, and the lady killer perk. Wtf?! Can't believe that one got through. Even Cliffy B would think that one rather childish.
  • Lonestar 6 years ago

    Disappointed that my qusetion wasn't forwarded;

    "What are your opinions on developers who accept money in order to supply exclusive DlC to one platform, thereby excluding / alienating a part of their fanbase when it comes to a multi-format release?"

    Perhaps next time I'll ask the more challenging "What's it like having a critically acclaimed game?" or the ever tricky "What's your favourite colour?"
  • avoozl 6 years ago

    It's probably inappropriate to say this because of all the insults he got about the photo, but Pete Hines knows about marketing and doesn't have much interesting to say to gamers. I'd be excited to hear from Todd Howard or someone else on the inside but not this guy.
  • CatWeazle 6 years ago

    So.. the whole thing about "you don't have to refresh this page" didn't really work out huh? I was sat starting at that text for 10 mins before having to hit F5, and then the conversation thread appeared. Lol
  • avoozl 6 years ago

    "Australian has the worst classification system. Why all the world has the australian version of Fallout ? Rockstar has just changed a little the content of GTAIV"

    Can anyone translate that?
  • local_celebrity 6 years ago

    Is he eating some gobstoppers in that pic?

  • DoctorZoidberg 6 years ago

    Regarding the questions I agree, but I think the main point was regarding the cheap shots in the comments section, like making jokes about the guy's picture etc.

    I see, I'm with you on that one.
  • mikeck 6 years ago

    "Lets try and be a bit more polite to our guests in the future too. It's a bit of a privilege to be able to ask questions directly to these guys, be a shame to put them off thanks to a few cheap shots"

    Yes and no.

    I think its their responsibility to answer any question we ask, good or bad. They have made their decisions.

    Regarding the questions I agree, but I think the main point was regarding the cheap shots in the comments section, like making jokes about the guy's picture etc.
  • Buztafen 6 years ago

    Wooot, my question got asked!!! I take back the comment about the crazy smile Pete!!!
  • DoctorZoidberg 6 years ago

    Lets try and be a bit more polite to our guests in the future too. It's a bit of a privilege to be able to ask questions directly to these guys, be a shame to put them off thanks to a few cheap shots

    Yes and no.

    I think its their responsibility to answer any question we ask, good or bad. They have made their decisions.
  • jonsaan 6 years ago

    Nice picture mate! lol
  • mikeck 6 years ago

    "Lets try and be a bit more polite to our guests in the future too. It's a bit of a privilege to be able to ask questions directly to these guys, be a shame to put them off thanks to a few cheap shots."

    Here, here. Seems the recent dip in comment quality continues.
  • DoctorZoidberg 6 years ago

    With Interplay holding the rights to (and planning to make) a Fallout MMO, will you work with them to ensure the Fallout brand doesn't depreciate in quality and negatively affect you?

    I'm sorry, but that is a bit of a rubbish question. Interplay MADE the fallout brand. In everything but money terms. If i was interplay I would be cackling about how Bethesda managed to make a game called Fallout, which is everything but fallout!

    Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the play through, but once you get past the intro screen, its a completely different kettle of fish.
  • Tomo 6 years ago

    ARF, :D

    (PS: Sorry I sent it twice, thought I broke it :[)
  • mazk 6 years ago

  • Moonprince 6 years ago

    I'm the VP of PR...

    Worth reading any more..? Or just the usual bs from these types?
  • Silvervein 6 years ago

    My question: I had a laugh when I saw the game you called fallout 3. Great sense of humour guys, thumbs up. So, the question...when are you going to release real fallout 3?
  • 6 years ago

    My question.

    Is it true your Microsoft's bitch and that Sony wouldn't give you head so dev team made a worse copy of Fallout 3 as punishment?

    Doubt they'll show it. :D
  • PearOfAnguish 6 years ago

    I see by craigy's question that the mods have been told to ask serious questions to balance out the rest of us.
  • 6 years ago

    Dear Jesus, the pedophile smile is on the front page of eurogamer!
  • leodeurl 6 years ago

    Australian has the worst classification system. Why all the world has the australian version of Fallout ? Rockstar has just changed a little the content of GTAIV
  • dr_faulk 6 years ago

    ZOMG teh TIMELLINEz PHXXD up, thIs is S0 totally fakedup interview!
  • Dezm0nd 6 years ago

    When i loaded the eurogamer page it didn't load fully, so all I saw was his face and the text "FACE OFF"

    I thought it was a fitting picture for the console face off and then pressed f5 to find out it's got nothing to do with the face off at all.

  • dr_faulk 6 years ago

    With both games so different in tone and setting, I have to ask:

    Does Robert Mugabe sit down to pee?
  • kinky_mong 6 years ago

    Christ it looks like Igor's ugly brother!
  • Demento41 6 years ago

    "Is that a comedy face being pulled or his actual smile? "

    I dunno.
  • Widge 6 years ago

    "How are you finding it being so chinny?"
  • Buztafen 6 years ago

    Is that a comedy face being pulled or his actual smile?
  • DaM 6 years ago

    Bugger the questions, can you just buy him a pint from me after please?
  • rudedudejude 6 years ago

    Joker Rain man love child!
  • ShakaCarnage 6 years ago

    I was about to say. He's got some rain man action going on there.
  • Weezer 6 years ago

    Man that's a creepy smile. Like the Joker's slightly weirder brother...

Our live coverage has now ended. Here's what you missed: Updating...

16:02 By Craig Munro

Super Moderating Hero: First things first, Pete, could you give our readers a little background on who you are and what you do at Bethesda, please?

Pete Hines: Sure. My name is Pete Hines from Bethesda Softworks. I'm the VP of PR and Marketing for Bethesda Softworks and I also serve as the product manager for The Elder Scrolls games Morrowind and Oblivion, as well as Fallout 3. I've been at Bethesda for nine years.

16:02 By Craig Munro

Super Moderating Hero: What's your reaction to the hearty critical applause for Fallout 3? And how unsure were you about reception - particularly from die-hard series fans - before launch?

Pete: We're never really sure what to expect, to be honest. There's a bit of holding your breath and crossing your fingers and see what happens. We felt like we'd done everything we could at that point. We're obviously very pleased that the game has been received well by critics and fans. People really seem to be enjoying it, which is always the main thing.

16:01 By Craig Munro

What did Liam Neeson have to say about the finished game?

Pete Hines: I don't think he's had a chance to play it yet. We were hoping he could come to the launch party in LA but he's been busy working/shooting. I'll let you know when I hear from him.

16:04 By Craig Munro

Will the PS3 version receive Trophy support in the future?

Pete Hines: It's going to happen, just not sure when. We'll let folks know when we have something more definitive.

16:05 By Robert Purchese

Fallout 3 has trumped Oblivion first-week sales despite being restricted to a smaller age-bracket. Has this changed your outlook at all - are you more likely to follow the same mature (18+) path with future projects?

Pete Hines: Honestly, it's not something we think a lot about. We just make the game we want to make with the content we think it appropriate for it, and the rest sorts itself out. If you look at sales and rankings charts, generally speaking most of the games at the top of those lists are "mature" anyway, and that 18+ audience is generally the one we're after for games like these anyway.

16:08 By Robert Purchese

Is there going to be a crossover of any ideas used in Fallout 3 when your developing the next in the Elder Scrolls series? Such as using a similar system to VATS for combat?

Pete Hines: Oh I have no idea what may or may not translate over. VATS is something specifically designed for Fallout 3. We try to treat them as their own things as they're very different kinds of games. Fallout 3 hasn't even been out for a week, I'm not emotionally prepared to start thinking about the next giant game yet.

16:11 By Robert Purchese

Will there be a patch to add southpaw controls for the left-handed people out there? And what about a fix for the various PC niggles?

Pete Hines: Well on the 360 the console itself actually handles that. You change it in your control options, so we don't bother doing it in the game. I'll have to check on how PS3 works.

As far as fixes, there's a PC update coming out later today that will address a few PC-specific things that have come up. Can't give you any details yet beyond that as far as what else might be in the works for any of the three platforms.

16:23 By Robert Purchese

Can you tell us more about the upcoming PC and Xbox 360 downloadable content for Fallout 3?

Pete Hines: Uh, probably not more than you've already heard. We're working on stuff that adds multiple hours of gameplay; new quests, content, enemies, etc. Something along the lines of Knights of the Nine for Oblivion in size and scope. Beyond that, it'll probably be a little while before we start talking about specifics. Not too long, but we want folks to get out and enjoy everything the game has to offer first.

16:41 By Craig Munro

Super Moderating Hero: What about content for PlayStation 3? Will the console ever be invited to the DLC party?

Pete Hines: DLC is exclusive for 360 and Games for Windows.

16:18 By Robert Purchese

Will we ever be able to take characters beyond Level 20? Is that part of The Plan?

Pete Hines: No plans to increase the level cap beyond 20. We think at that point you're plenty tough enough.

16:19 By Robert Purchese

What is the more popular setting for Bethesda employees to work on? The fantasy realm of Oblivion or the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout? I suppose the freedom of fantasy allows you to express your ideas, but does the team appreciate real-world visuals to work with, too?

Pete Hines: I don't think it's an either/or here. We've been fortunate enough to be able to work on both, and it was a nice break from working on The Elder Scrolls to do something completely different with Fallout 3. They're both great worlds to work with.

16:41 By Craig Munro

Super Moderating Hero: What happened to the Fallout 3 toolset we heard about over the summer. Are there still plans for one? Might we even see one for console? Or are mods still a privilege reserved for PC gamers?

Pete Hines: Well, let's start with the last part first. Developers aren't in charge of what content can appear on a console. That's up to the console manufacturer. You should understand that the things we allow people to edit/change in our games is pretty off-the-charts. We're not taking "make a map" here. We're talking "I downloaded this mod and it deleted 2/3rds of the game world and replaced it with mole rats.

So I don't see consoles making that leap for quite a while until they can better protect and control the amount of content users create and remove things that could be harmful to the unwitting end-user who thought they were getting X but got something else instead.

As far as our tools, no word yet on that. As soon as we know for sure, we'll let you know.

16:25 By Robert Purchese

Any plans on adding some sort of multiplayer content / support for consoles?

Pete Hines: Nope, never. It was designed as a single-player game. Trying to add multiplayer would be a giant cluster-you-know-what. It's a game designed to revolve around one person, you. You mess with trying to add enough stuff for two players to do and all of that and it becomes a mess. So we're content with a single player game.

There are plenty of multiplayer games out there when you want to get that fix.

16:27 By Robert Purchese

Would you ever consider making a Fallout game in the style of the orginals - i.e not 3D, for Xbox Live Arcade or a service similiar to that?

Pete Hines: We talk about a lot of stuff, mostly about getting Fallout 3 out the door and then what DLC we're doing. That's our focus and how we plan to move the series forward.

16:28 By Robert Purchese

What are the chances of seeing a fallout expansion like Shivering Isles for Oblivion? Or are you already working on Fallout 4?

Pete Hines: Our focus is going to be on DLC, but not quite as big as Shivering Isles. That was a massive undertaking. With DLC of that size, you can do a variety of smaller things that standalone and give the player a lot of different experiences.

16:31 By Robert Purchese

You've talked openly about Fallout sequels before, but what would you change in a new game? Would you be also able to use the same engine to churn another instalment out quite quickly? [That's what you get for asking about my moustache - Ed]

Pete Hines: Like I said before, it's only been out in some places for four or five days. To try and define what the next one would be right now would be a bit premature.

16:33 By Robert Purchese

With Interplay holding the rights to (and planning to make) a Fallout MMO, will you work with them to ensure the Fallout brand doesn't depreciate in quality and negatively affect you?

Pete Hines: I don't think I'm going to get into that agreement and what our rights are and so forth. Sorry.

16:35 By Robert Purchese

Did you have to compromise much from the original design vision? Was there a feature you desperately wanted and had to chop out in the end?

Pete Hines: No, not really. We had a lot of time to think about what we did and did not want to include. We certainly had ideas that sounded good on paper but once we put them in the game and played it, we either changed or took out all together. We have lots of ideas but our philosophy is to get them in the game and get them working and see what works and what doesn't, and make changes based on that.

Lots of things can sound good on paper and then you play them and say, "Wow, that isn't fun at all, scrap that."

16:39 By Robert Purchese

I've seen several reviewers comment that they find the excessive gore something of a turn-off, despite loving the game itself. Would you consider adding options to lower the level of slow-mo violence in the game?

Pete Hines: I could see how one might think that. It's definitely over-the-top and may not be for everyone. We have been up front with everyone about the violence though, I'd have to say, so hopefully it's not coming as a surprise to anyone. If so, let me reiterate that Fallout 3 does have violence and blood and gore and if you don't like the sight of a Super Mutant's head exploding into a shower of blood, you may want to avert your eyes. As far as whether we'd add an option at some point, I don't know if we'd ever do that or not.

16:42 By Robert Purchese

First of all, congratulations on the character creation/tutorial, which was a lot of fun going through and a very coherent way of developing a character. Secondly, there is some debate about what exactly the Luck stat affects. Crits certainly. But does it have other subtle effects? And if I may ask, what's your own favourite perk?

Pete Hines: Luck affects every other skill by a small amount. If you really crank your Luck up when picking your SPECIALs you get a nice boost to every skill. Critical hits is obviously the other big one.

Favorite Perk. I dunno, that's tough, to only pick one.

My current character has picked Thief a couple times, Daddy's Boy once, Bloody Mess, and Lady Killer. Can't wait to get Commando. I use a lot of two-handed guns. Bloody Mess is probably my favorite.

16:43 By Robert Purchese

Any plans to introduce vehicles in any manner into fallout 3 expansions? [Would we be able to run over animals and break its legs off? -Ed]

Pete Hines: Nope, no driveable vehicles. Sorry.

16:47 By Robert Purchese

Is there any chance of adding some additional songs to the GNR playlist in the DLC updates? The mood the music brings to the game is phenomenal, but it loops all too quickly. [Another reader also asked about the possibility of a Fallout 3 soundtrack CD - might we see one? -Ed]

Pete Hines: I would strongly encourage people to buy The Ink Spots single from the iTunes store!

Don't know if we'd add more songs to GNR playlist or not. TBD on whether we could get Inon's soundtrack out there in some format at some point. Obviously you can find a number of the licensed tracks on iTunes. The extent to which I love "Maybe" by The Ink Spots cannot possibly be overstated. It came on GNR the other night as I was locked in a battle with a Super Mutant whose head I just obliterated in the most horrible fashion possible, while the song was playing, and I got a tear in my eye. Such a great moment.

16:50 By Robert Purchese

Now Fallout 3 is out the door what are you looking forward to playing out of the many games coming out this season?

Pete Hines: I have an embarrassing pile of unopened games stacked next to my TV. Having spent most of this year on the road, I've played a lot of DS and PSP games, but not much else. So I have a huge backlog, plus all the new stuff coming out. It's completely overwhelming. Right now, honestly, I play Fallout 3 at home every chance I get. I'm still having a great time. That's probably pretty pathetic, but I still enjoy playing it and so I'll keep playing that until I've gotten my fill.

16:54 By Robert Purchese

Has Hollywood coming knocking yet/driven a truck load of money over to your office for the film rights to the game? And would you consider doing a film?

Pete Hines: Uh, we've definitely gotten a number of inquiries, but I won't say anything beyond that. You only need to look at the Board of Directors for our parent company, ZeniMax Media, to see we know some pretty huge people in the entertainment industry (Jerry Bruckheimer, Harry Sloan, Les Moonves, and so on). So we know who to talk to and how the process works when it comes to things like movies. I'm ready for The Road to come out to see how that was adapted. If it's anywhere near as good as the book, it'll be fantastic.

16:54 By Robert Purchese

Super Moderating Hero: It looks like things are winding down a bit, so we'll pop over one more - one we ask everybody: would you rather have lasers for eyes or be able to turn invisible?

Pete Hines: I choose invisible, which is how I'm able to sit directly behind you this entire chat without you noticing.

16:56 By Robert Purchese

Super Moderating Hero: Lovely stuff. Well I think we'll call it an evening there, unless there's anything you would like to add?

Pete Hines: I don't think so. Thanks to you guys for having me and to everyone who participated for the questions. And most of all, thanks for buying and playing the game. We hope you enjoy it.

16:58 By Robert Purchese

Interrupting Moderating Hero: We'd better quickly ask who you voted for? Lots of people want to know.

Pete Hines: I can tell you it was not John Henry Eden...