Japan likes Monster Hunter 2G a lot

One million shipped in six days.

Capcom boasted that it has shipped more than one million copies for Monster Hunter Portable 2G in Japan after just six days on sale.

The latest PSP instalment in the series was released over there on 27th March along with a special Slim & Lite hardware bundle.

Its success makes the Monster Hunter franchise pile bulge to a meaty 6.3 million units sold around the world. Naturally Capcom plans to expand on the series by offering it on multiple platforms in the future, although the next proper instalment was surprisingly revealed as a Wii-exclusive last October.

So far the series has only been released on Sony platforms, although neither Monster Hunter on PS3, nor Monster Hunter Freedom (the European name for the Portable series) and Monster Hunter Freedom 2 on PSP have met similar levels of success in the West.

Monster Hunter Portable 2G is yet to be confirmed for Europe.

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