Indy Jones game "in production"

But not much more.

The new Indiana Jones action game has only just gone into production, according to a LucasArts source.

Eurogamer was told at GDC that the game has been in pre-production for about two years, but found itself sidelined by Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Now it's getting going though, with actual production work in action. It will not be out this year, we were told.

Indy Jones, of course, uses NaturalMotion's "euphoria" technology to handle complex CPU-based dynamic animation trickery.

Like GTA's drunken sequences, the actual animations aren't pre-rendered, but occur in tune with what the action is telling the game engine.

Not to be confused with the LEGO Indiana Jones game, the new Indiana Jones is currently TBA in the release date department.

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