IGF's Aquaria released

Grand Prize winner surfaces.

The IGF 2008 finalists have now been announced, but what of last year's winners? An excellent time to ask, actually, as Seamus McNally Grand Prize 2007 winner Aquaria has just been released. It's as if you knew!

As the Bit Blot website and downloadable demo will aim to explain, players take up the floaty reins of Naija on a quest to find her family in a massive underwater world using a mouse-only control system (or using a 360 pad or a WSAD affair if you're boring).

Friend of Eurogamer Mr Kieron Gillen jerked our heads in its direction over the weekend (fishing for work, he was), remarking over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun that it reminds him of "a cross between Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, old physics-based classic Exile and recent Wii oddity Endless Ocean".

The full version of the game also includes a level editor and modding tools. And if all of that sways you, it's USD 30 as a digital download. As opposed to what? Exactly.

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