Gold Commodore 64 sells for GBP 2650

And it's not even made of real gold.

A collectable gold-coloured Commodore 64 sold on eBay yesterday for an incredible GBP 2650 (around EUR 3340).

Apparently it's one of only a few hundred ever made. They were produced back in 1986 to celebrate the production of the one millionth C64 home computer to be manufactured at the German production plant. Back then, that was a big number.

The lucky seller's parents 'won' the super-rare item at CeBit in Hanover 1987, and promptly locked it in a cabinet and never used it.

But while the item was acknowledged by C64 aficionados to be rare, the amount it fetched has surprised many in the retro community - eclipsing recent auctions for the unreleased and supremely rare C65 machine.

So, if you're busily hoarding rare retro gaming items in your loft, you might want to start cashing in on them. GBP 64 for a slightly dog-eared C64 copy of Zak McKracken, anyone?

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