Go Pets for DS

Wireless animal market.

Leaving a nice little package on our freshly mown lawn this morning is GoPets, a new DS title from Konami, which is due for release in autumn.

In it you create, raise, and train a dog or a cat, then stand back and watch the beast develop a unique personality and appearance of its own.

There's a large focus on building a community using the handheld's WiFi capabilities, which will integrate text-chat and an icon-based "IKU" language to help you communicate with GoPet owners from around the world. You'll also have a journal to help with your online travels, making a note of all those flowery people you've met and bantered with.

Offline you can create one-of-a-kind critters on the game's island environment, which features various residents and enhanced mini-games.

It sounds like the sort of thing you want to pop in a poop-a-scoop bin, but given the success of Nintendogs and Animal Crossing on DS, it could well be a surprise hit.

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