Ferrari Challenge online fix coming soon

Next couple of weeks, says System 3.

System 3 has told Eurogamer to expect a patch for Ferrari Challenge in the next week or so.

This should put and end to any online troubles you're having, and the publisher says addressing these problems is "paramount".

Ferrari Challenge has lots of online support up its fire-truck-red sleeve as well. You'll be getting new cars and tracks to expand your game with once every month or so, we're told.

The first proper details will be dished out shortly after E3 when there is space to breathe. The publisher is also hard at work on getting an official forum together.

Ferrari Challenge is a racing game unsurprisingly based around the Italian super cars that make you stop and stare when you see one zipping down the street. Vroom.

It's worth looking into, as our Ferrari Challenge review points out.

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