EEDAR: Are X360 Achievements too hard?

Less than a third earn half the rewards.

New research has shown that nearly a quarter of Xbox 360 owners earn less than 10 per cent of a game's Achievements, and that only four per cent seek out every reward.

EEDAR's Jesse Divnich, speaking at GDC (reported by, said 27 per cent of people earn half of a game's Achievements, but less than 10 per cent of people attain 80 per cent of the Achievements or more.

"Does this mean Achievements are too hard?" pondered Divnich, who did see a correlation between higher-scoring games and Achievements earned.

EEDAR (Electronic Entertainment Design and Research) analysed 32 million data points provided by Microsoft. From that, 100 games were selected at random and conclusions made.

EEDAR also offered some other interesting statistics, such as that the RPG genre turned out the most new IP - 40 per cent, to be precise.

Among the publishers endeavouring to create new brands was EA, deemed to be the third-highest new IP producer on PS3 and 360.

And, despite the worldwide recession, the amount of new IP has risen from 16 per cent in 2006 to 22 per cent in 2009.

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