Editor's blog: Digital Foundry channel

Featuring the new EGTV HD player.

For more than two years now, friend-of-Eurogamer Richard Leadbetter has been diligently playing through the PS3, Xbox 360 and often PC versions of big-hitting games to bring you technical analysis of their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Eurogamer's Face-Off features always provoke widespread discussion, and over 19 rounds and several bonus editions have explored the differences between more than 100 current generation games - partly to help people who own more than one format decide on which to buy, and partly because we're massive geeks and can't resist.

But it's mostly for the latter reason that I couldn't resist the opportunity, when it arose, to bring the Digital Foundry blog within the bounds of Eurogamer, and give Rich and his team of technical experts the chance to expand on their work in the Face-Offs, with more extensive technical analysis that reveals the tricks of the trade and helps to put those big, showy high-definition trailers we see nowadays into perspective.

The result is the Digital Foundry channel, which launches today. Staffed directly by Rich, it's already stocked with interesting features, like a forensic technical investigation into how Final Fantasy XIII might work on Xbox 360, and analysis of the latest raw Uncharted 2 footage.

The Digital Foundry channel also hosts an entire archive of previous work, which you might not have encountered at its previous home. If you like to know how your games and consoles work, head over there and you stand a very good chance of finding out.


P.S. Another thing you might notice is that the Digital Foundry video content is showcasing our new Eurogamer TV HD player, which is coming soon to the rest of the site's video content. Let us know what you think of it.

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