EA announces Command & Conquer 4

By accident. Still: C&C4!

EA has let slip that its Los Angeles studio is working on Command & Conquer 4.

A UK PR for the company Twittered: "New release: EA Los Angeles Announces The Development of Command & Conquer 4," before linking to a press release that hadn't been posted yet.

The mess has since been tidied out of sight, but Joystiq helpfully took a picture to preserve the blooper.

This follows a late-June survey by a British research firm that announced Command & Conquer 4 to participants.

Among the features touted were 5v5 online matches, co-op campaign, RPG-like player progress, mobile base units and a brand new story we hope Tim Curry and Gemma Atkinson will be in.

Convincing evidence. We may see that removed announcement soon.

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