Crytek trademarks thee titles

Kingdoms shown in CryEngine 3 demo?

Crysis developer Crytek has filed trademarks to protect what may be new games.

Gface, Carvatar and Kingdoms are their names, according to GameSpot, and each filing covers "computer game software and electronic games" as well as "motion picture and TV films". Gface and Carvatar also span "books and booklets featuring comedy, drama, action, adventure, animation, and music".

Of those, Kingdoms proves most interesting, thanks to the recent CryEngine 3 trailer shown during GDC. At around the 2.26 minute mark there appears a medieval-like scene where a fiery battle rages: huge, flaming projectiles light up the night-sky before crashing into the stony ramparts of a gothic city, leaving wooden ships ablaze and bridges nothing more than rubble.

Could this be the "new and original IP" that Crytek Ukraine (the company's second studio) has been working on since May 2007? MD Faruk Yerli suggested, back at the time, that the studio may branch out into "different types and styles of games, and run on multiple platforms".

We'll follow the breadcrumbs and let you know what we find.

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