Console MMOs not a race, says Morhaime

Blizzard boss not bothered about being first.

Mike Morhaime, Blizzard's chief executive, has said he isn't worried about another company establishing itself as the lead MMO provider on consoles.

When asked by Eurogamer at a BlizzCon press conference if the company risked letting the console MMO market be led by another company - such as Sony Online Entertainment - the CEO downplayed the value of being first to a market, and stressed that success "comes down to games".

"I think that it comes down to games, so I'm not too worried about being first to make a claim or first to take a market share," he said. "Actually Blizzard has rarely been the first to create a genre, unless you consider Diablo a new genre, nobody said that at the time, they all said it wasn't new.

"For us, we're looking for what is the next thing, what is the next step, what is the next evolution and I think that it's not really dependant on platform."

Morhaime went on to explain that the company's partnership with Activision would allow them access to the console market when they wanted.

"That argument probably gets even more powerful with the partnership with Activision," he added. "Activision will have a strong business on consoles so whenever Blizzard decides to go and enter the console market we have this huge infrastructure of people that is already successful in the console business, so I don't think we're losing anything."

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