1m characters created in Champs Online

Free weekend starts today.

Cryptic Studios' Champions Online has witnessed more than one million characters created since launch. Note, however, that the MMO allows each account to make more than one hero, meaning there probably aren't that many players.

The announcement comes as a free Champions Online weekend gets under way. From 5pm UK time today until Monday 2nd November, anyone can download the game client and try the Spandex spoils on offer.

This promotion aims to show off the new Blood Moon update. This introduces the new Celestial support and healing powerset and the Zombie Apocalypse player-versus-player map (in which fallen players are resurrected as the enemy), as well as the Blood Moon event itself, in which players will fight undead heroes, werewolves and the undead king Takofanes.

Might as well. Check out our Champions Online review for a detailed analysis.

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