Blu-ray trounces HD-DVD

Sells a million in Europe.

Must be made-up group the Blu-ray Disc Association European Promotions Committee has revealed it has sold more than a million films for its format.

That is 73 per cent of the high definition market in Europe, according to Media Control Gfk who tracks these sorts of things, leaving a meagre 23 per cent for HD-DVD.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the PlayStation 3, apparently, which has bolstered sales of Blu-ray films since its launch back in March this year.

Top sellers are muscular-stomached action romp 300 and fresh Bond outing Casino Royale.

"Blu-ray will inevitably prevail because Blu-ray delivers what consumers want: True High Definition picture without compromise, the best sound quality, the best choice in content, the most in special features, and of course the most disc storage capacity. No trade-offs. No compromises," offered Bob Chapek, big boss at Walt Disney Studios.

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