Nintendo confirms March 7th online date

As well as BB/Modem adapter and Hunters Licence pricing

Separated at birth...

Despite press claims to the contrary (backed by confusion at a distributor), the GameCube Broadband and Modem adapters are still due out on March 7th alongside Infogrames/Sega's Phantasy Star Online, Nintendo has proclaimed.


Confusion arose late last week when distributor Koch Media told journalists of a three week delay, but by Friday representatives were offering an icy "March 2003". Indeed, there was still disparity amongst online retailers last night, with Amazon claiming March 21st and even more peculiar offerings from further afield - but Nintendo has gone on a rampant correction drive, and as of the time of writing the Broadband adapter is available from Amazon for March 7th delivery.

What's more, the price on Amazon is 34.99 for the Broadband or Modem adapter. Nintendo's release estimates a retail price of "around 45-50 Euros".

Those aiming to take the plunge when PSO ships on March 7th (combining PSO, PSO version 2 and allegedly brand new "Episode II" content) will also need the much reviled "Hunters Licence", which will cost 5.99 (€8.95) and offer 30 days of play, with a 30 day free trial. This pricing is certainly comparable with the US, where gamers have to pay $8.95 for access on either Cube or Xbox.

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