3DS screen could be bigger, says Konno

But there are viewpoint and cost issues.

Nintendo's Hideki Konno has said it is possible to manufacture a larger version of the 3DS's three-dimensional screen - but that you probably wouldn't want to.

Konno, who was producer for Nintendogs and the Mario Kart series, was speaking during an interview with Wired. When asked if a television-sized 3DS-style display could be made, he replied, "We could do it, but besides the cost issue, consumers would have to be in one very specific position to watch the TV or the 3D will be completely gone. With the handheld, there is only one position."

Looks like Nintendo will be sticking with the current 3DS design, then. In fact, Konno confirmed that the model shown at E3 is the one we'll see in shops, stating, "You can take this as the final shape."

He also discussed the gyroscope featured in the handheld, suggesting it will work well in conjunction with the 3D screen. "During our experiments, we have found that in a first-person shooter, we can use the sensor to move the aiming and the pointer," Konno said.

"In that case, your line of sight is still quite rigid, your eyes are pointing at the screen, and so the 3-D effect won’t be diluted. So there is the possibility that both 3-D and motion control could be used in the same software."

Konno revealed that Nintendo has been tinkering with glasses-free 3D since the days of the GameCube. Back then, a 3D version of Luigi's Mansion was under consideration. How about one for the 3DS, then?

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