There's a game called Legendary Gary and it looks quite good

No not Lineker.

I never thought I'd write about a game called Legendary Gary.

It's a hand-drawn adventure about an unspectacular man playing a fantasy game on his computer, only all of a sudden the game and his life begin mixing as one, and Gary's life gets very weird.

By rights it should be terrible, yet somehow the wry tone and self-awareness - not to mention synth soundtrack - keep Legendary Gary afloat. Maker Evan Rogers has interesting ideas about turn-based combat, too.

"On each turn, all fighters act simultaneously," he wrote on the Legendary Gary Steam page.

"There are no dice rolls, no time pressure, and with each choice you can watch how the turn will resolve before you commit. But with each encounter the enemies will bring new tactics of their own, and defeating them will become increasingly tricky... The battles in Legendary Gary are designed to be a stress-free exercise in problem solving."

Legendary Gary is due out on PC early next year.

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