WoW Tokens can now be traded for Balance, spendable in other Blizzard games

Time to get those Overwatch Rooster loot box skins!

World of Warcraft WoW Tokens can now be redeemed for a brand new currency called Balance, which can be spent in other Blizzard games. You can use your Balance to buy a loot box in Overwatch, for example - it's already one of the drop-down payment options.

Each WoW Token earns $15 Balance (region dependent). Remember, each WoW Token costs $20 if bought with real-money from Blizzard. The other way of getting one is through the in-game Auction House, paying in-game gold.

In other words, WoW Tokens are something to spend an amassed World of Warcraft fortune on, and in return, time-poor players get a stack of in-game gold - a legitimate way of buying gold.


Choices, choices!

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Previously, WoW Tokens could be redeemed for 30 days game time, but now they do more, which is to say, they just got more desirable. As a result of Balance, the European WoW Token sale price went from a stable average of around 110,000g, up to nearly 160,000g overnight, according to price tracker WoW Token Info. On US servers the price is lower but the increase just as sharp: an average of 60,000g rising to around 90,000g.

WoW Tokens first appeared in spring 2015 and their price has increased steadily and dramatically since. In Europe they sold for around 40,000g for months, climbed to a peak of around 80,000g in 2016, then dipped. With the launch of expansion Legion last autumn the price began soaring and climbed over 100,000g.

Good news all round?

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