See inside BioWare Edmonton with Google Maps

I spy with my little eye...


A warm reception (I hope).

I'd love to visit BioWare headquarters in Edmonton, Canada, and now I sort of can. And I don't even have to leave my desk.

Google Maps now maps interiors, and BioWare HQ is one of them (via Polygon, Gamespot). You can walk around the halls, looking at art on the walls, and blurred-out signs, monitors and people's faces. How voyeuristic. There are multiple floors to peruse, many cables to see.

You can even see the lady in the kitchen preparing what looks like a lot of food for the troops.

Are there any secrets? Everything looks fairly neutered but with the collective gaze of the internet on it maybe something will emerge.

But there we are: one my my favourite studios laid bare. It's strangely humanising, de-mystifying. The pictures were taken in August 2014, it says.

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