Silent Hill: Origins and Shattered Memories headed to Vita

What fresh horror is this?

PSP scarefests Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories are getting a digital release on PlayStation Vita, publisher Konami has announced.

An exact date for the pair has yet to be revealed, but they'll cost 7.99 apiece.

Shattered Memories' revival is especially pleasing - the adventure is one of the series' high points and sees the original Silent Hill game re-imagined to fit around the player's choices.

"Packed with inventive ideas and one engaging sequence after another, it's a spirited, poignant and unsettling game that not only delivers a long-overdue return to form, but reinvigorates horror adventures in the process," Kristan Reed wrote of the game's Wii version back in 2009.

Origins, meanwhile, serves as a prequel to the first game. It's less impressive than Shattered Memories - more of a stopgap for the series - but still an enjoyable experience if you're a fan.

"And even if you're not an aficionado, scary and intriguing survival horror titles such as these don't come along very often - least of all on the PSP," Kristan opined further back still, in 2007.

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