Guacamelee: Gold Edition launches next week on Steam

First week sales include Mutant Blobs Attack, are 10 per cent off.

Beloved PSN "metroidvania" brawler Guacamelee is crossing over to Steam on 8th August in its enhanced Gold Edition.

This Steam port will be priced at 11.99 / €13.99 / $14.99, but during its first week on sale it will be 10 per cent off and come with a complementary copy of developer Drinkbox's excellent Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.

This Gold Edition of Drinkbox's charming Mexican adventure features everything the Cross-Buy PSN version had, as well as the recently released "El Infierno" add-on which includes extra challenges and costumes.

Additionally, the PC version has Steam Workshop support, so players can use an external editor (Adobe Flash) with Drinkbox's custom tool to create their own skins, then upload them on Steam to share with others. There's also support for controllers and Big Picture Mode for those who prefer the original living room-style setup.

"Like the best luchadores in the business, Guacamelee has real heart and a blazing desire to put on a good show," said Chris Donlan in his positive Guacamelee review.

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