"Pay-if-you-like" sci-fi adventure Dead Cyborg's sequel is out now

Finally adds mouse support.

Indie designer Endre Barath has released the follow-up to his "pay-if-you-like" sci-fi first-person adventure game Dead Cyborg.


Dead Cyborg: Episode 2 continues the saga as an amnesiac explores a ruinous corroded world after awakening from cryosleep eons after the apocalypse. I played the first Dead Cyborg back in the day and while I had issues with its arbitrary puzzle design, poorly translated text, and peculiar lack of mouse support, I admired its haunting, decrepit environments and exploration of such sci-fi tropes as identity, religion, and the meaning of life. It was especially impressive being the work of only one man.

This sequel finally adds mouse support - like every other first-person game from the last 20 years - so that already makes it several degrees better than the original.

As the Dead Cyborg episodes are a pay-what-you-want affair Barath will use whatever donations he accrues to fund the next episode. According the the official site, Dead Cyborg: Episode 2 fell $300 under its goal, but that was close enough that Barath made it anyway. It looks like Episode 3 is already 10 per cent underway and at one point the series was rated 57th on Steam Greenlight.

Check out the trailer for Dead Cyborg: Episode 2 below and if you're intrigued, feel free to download it for PC, Mac and Linux at the official Dead Cyborg site.

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