COD: Black Ops 2 earns more money in 24 hours than Black Ops 1, maybe Modern Warfare 3

But actual sales figures aren't, for first time, revealed.


There's a happy Emperor if ever I've seen one.

Black Ops 2 is probably the highest earning Call of Duty game in the space of 24 hours, Activision has announced. But actual sales figures weren't revealed.

Black Ops 2, released Tuesday, earned an estimated $500 million worldwide in one day. That's higher than Modern Warfare 3's $400 million from 6.5 million day-one sales, but those were in the UK and US only: Black Ops 2's sales were worldwide. Black Ops 1 made $360 from 5.6 million day-one sales.

Activision broke out sales for the previous two record-breaking Call of Duty launches, so why omit them for Black Ops 2? The logical conclusion is that Black Ops 2 didn't sell more than 6.5 million copies.

Bobby Kotick's press release comment said lifetime sales of the Call of Duty franchise now exceed the box office totals for Harry Potter and Star Wars, the two most successful film franchises ever. Mind you, cinema tickets don't cost ~45.

Black Ops 2 PS3/360 comparison.

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