Wario Land 2 on Nintendo 3DS eShop this week

Plus PopCap puzzler Zuma's Revenge.

Game Boy Color classic Wario Land 2 arrives for download on the 3DS eShop this Thursday, Nintendo has announced.

That's the one where Wario's treasure is nabbed by provocatively-dressed pirate Captain Syrup. There's lots of alternate paths and crazy forms for Wario to turn into. It's yours for 4.50.

PopCap puzzler Zuma's Revenge also pops for 7.20. It's a shrunken-down version of the home console version, with 60 levels and Daily Dungeons offering three daily challenges.

Side-scrolling action title Flip the Core (1.80) will also launch, alongside another four Theatrhythm Final Fantasy tracks as DLC: The Dalmasca Estersand (FF12 - FMS), Dungeon (FF02 - FMS), Etro's Champion (FFS - BMS) and Battle (FF06 - BMS). Each costs 90p.

Finally, on Wii, Double Dragon 2: The Revenge for 500 Wii Points (about 3.50) and Successfully Learning English Year 2 for 800 Wii Points (about 5.60). The former is an arcade and NES title originally launched in 1988. The latter originally launched on DSiWare, and stars a vampire named Freddy.

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