Doctors use Kinect in keyhole surgery

Anyone for a game of Operation?

London doctors are using Kinect during keyhole surgery.

Computers equipped with Microsoft's motion-sensing technology allow surgeons to manipulate nearby screens via voice and hand-gestures.

The technology could become widespread over the next 10-15 years, BBC News reported.

The existing technology can be used to remotely pan and zoom around 3D images of a patient.

There's no risk of contamination from using a keyboard and mouse, or need to rely on others to operate the computer instead, surgeon Tom Carrell explained.

"Until recently I was shouting out across the operating theatre to tell someone to go up, down, left, right," said Carrell, a resident at London's St Thomas' hospital.

"But with the Kinect I'm able to get the position that I want quickly - and also without me having to handle non-sterile things like a keyboard or mouse during the procedure."

The Kinect-based technology has been refined by Microsoft Research and Lancaster University.

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