Conquest 2: Vyrium Wars Kickstarter needs funding

Remember Conquest: Frontier Wars from 2001?

Remember space strategy game Conquest: Frontier Wars from 2001? There's a sequel - Conquest 2: The Vyrium Uprising. That is, there will be a sequel, if you fund it on Kickstarter.

Vyrium Uprising is helmed by Frontier Wars producer and designer Eric Peterson. He's assembled a veteran team around him at Peezocker. Their combined credits span games like Ultima, Thief, Wing Commander, Guitar Hero: World Tour and SWTOR.

Peezocker is half-way through making Conquest 2 for PC. The studio's looking for $675,000 from Kickstarter. It's currently on $9981 with 21 days to go.

If even more money pours in, a Mac version and possibly Android and iOS versions will be added to the slate.

Pledge $15 or more and you'll reserve yourself a copy of Conquest 2: The Vyrium Uprising at half its final price.

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