Nintendo eShop update - 03/11/11

Adventure Island! Furry Legends! Rytmik! Pixel!

Classic Hudson platformer Adventure Island arrives this week on the 3DS Virtual Console, while chip-tune music studio Rytmik Retrobits and WiiWare puzzler Furry Legends both release on DSiWare.

Adventure Island dates from the cartridge-blowing days of 1992 and is a port of the second Adventure Island NES title, Adventure Island 2.

Gamers play as Master Higgins, a portly young jungle explorer reminiscent of Mario, if the latter had been left in the woods as a child and raised by ugly but ridable Yoshi-offspring.

Rytmk Retrobits is an expensive but powerful chip tune creator app. Users can layer 6 and 18-bit sound samples from retro computers and consoles. The official site has some tidy sounding examples, but gamers must decide for themselves whether its worth the 7.50 asking price.

Furry Legends was previously available on WiiWare. Kristan Reed rated it 6/10. In it, players guide a smiling hirsute ball through physics-based puzzles across picturesque landscape. This DSiWare version is a shrunk down version of its motion-controlled WiiWare bigger brother.

Finally this week, gamers get another free WiiWare demo to try out. 3D Pixel Racing blends arcade driving action with distinctive blocky visuals, reminiscent of Minecraft's angular world.

  • Adventure Island (3DS Virtual Console) - 2.50/€3
  • Furry Legends (DSiWare) - 500 DSi Points or 4.50/€5
  • Rytmik Retrobits (DSiWare) - 800 DSi Points or 7.50/€8
  • 3D Pixel Racing demo (WiiWare) - Free

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