New batch of 3DS games announced

Fire Emblem! Bravery Default Flying Fairy!

Nintendo announced a slew of new 3DS titles at its pre-TGS conference, with a new Fire Emblem game the pick of an eclectic crop.

Fire Emblem, a continuation of the strategic turn-based RPG series from Intelligent Systems, retains its isometric stylings and looked faithful to the original games.

Elsewhere, a new Gundam was announced, snappily titled SD Gundam GGeneration 3D. Don't expect to see it outside of Japan anytime soon.

Meanwhile, we can only hope that Bravery Default Flying Fairy, a new and visually attractive RPG for the 3DS, releases over here, if only to give us an excuse to shout that title at the surly attendant at our local Gamestation.

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