"No concern" at Xperia PS1 game sales

Sony: "There's a lot more to come."

Sony has shrugged off reports that PSone games are struggling to find an audience on its Xperia Play smartphone.

Not one of the PSone titles optimised for the new device has over 1000 listed installs on the Android Marketplace, with most numbering in the low hundreds.

However, speaking in an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, Sony Ericsson market development chief Dominic Neil-Dwyer insisted the company was happy with how things had gone since the phone's 1st April launch.

"I think there's also an awareness thing for people that are getting their hands on the device and where they are choosing to purchase games," he explained.

"There's only a few, at the minute, PlayStation One titles there, and there's more coming on a regular basis, and there's the whole PlayStation as a content provider exclusive to the device, the story about that, that will emerge and people will see.

"So, there's no concerns, it's a revolutionary device, it's shaking up the market, we're very pleased with it. In terms of getting the PlayStation Certified program out, generally, we're very happy.

"I think we'll make a full assessment of if it has achieved our expectations fully, further down the line, so we're very happy. We know there's a lot more to come that we're not, obviously, releasing yet."

Five PSone titles were available to download at the phone's launch priced at 3.99 each: Cool Boarders 2, Destruction Derby, Jumping Flash, MediEvil and Syphon Filter.

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