Nintendo dates Solatorobo for DS

JRPG swansong for aging handheld.

Handheld action RPG Solatorobo: Red the Hunter arrives on the DS on 1st July, publisher Nintendo has announced.

Developed by .hack studio CyberConnect 2 and a sequel of sorts to 1999 PSone adventure Tail Concerto, you'll take control of a teenage "anthropomorphic dog" called Red Savarin and his robot Dahak as they endeavour to kick giant mechs out of the floating islands of the Shepherd Republic.

Featuring character design by animé veteran Nobuteru Yuki and animation by Studio Ghibli collaborators Madhouse, the game features over 70 quests to complete and an estimated 20 hours of gameplay.

The title got a warm greeting from Japanese critics when it launched there in 2010. With the DS's release schedule looking increasingly barren, could it be the last in a very long line of cracking RPGs to find a home on Nintendo's last-gen portable?

Solatorobo DS launch trailer

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