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Double Fine's Lee Petty and Tim Schafer.

Eurogamer: Do you have particular favourite gags in there? Does anything particular tickle you?

Lee Petty: I know what Tim's favourite joke is.

Tim Schafer: Which is my favourite joke?

Lee Petty: I don't know what your favourite joke is. The thing I enjoy most about the humour is that there's a lot of dark humour and comedy in there, but I really enjoy the mix of high and low brow humour. I think having fart jokes in there is great... with Chopin.

These sorts of things I just love. It's not taking itself too seriously, but it's pulling on things in a post-modern way from all these different sources and mashing them up.

Tim Schafer: I'm sorry we weren't able to use that title for the game Farts and Chopin.

Eurogamer: On that note, when we do features on Eurogamer we usually have a strapline on the frontpage a little witty or informative nugget and I was wondering if you guys could help me come up with something for this interview.

Tim Schafer: Inside Tim & Lee.

Eurogamer: I don't want people NOT to read it.

Lee Petty: So nothing about taking from behind. Hmm. Tim Is The Stack King.

Tim Schafer: Oh god.

Lee Petty: It's a pun! Tim loves puns! It's the only way to get anything approved at Double Fine.

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Eurogamer: Maybe we can revisit that one... So I was looking at your Wikipedia page earlier and it says "not to be confused with Tim Schaffer". Does that happen a lot?

Tim Schafer: There's a Tim Schafer who's a famous chef, and there's a Tim Schafer who's a footballer who gets in drunken fights a lot...

Lee Petty: Tim is basically a combination of those two personalities.

Tim Schafer: Who's Tim Schaffer?

Eurogamer: He's a Republican from Ohio, apparently.

Tim Schafer: That actually is me! The games don't take up that much time these days, so I'm trying to run some districts in Ohio.

Lee Petty: Slush-funding the Tea Party.

Tim Schafer: Lee Petty's much more popular because he's a famous NASCAR driver.

Eurogamer: How many games have you got in development at Double Fine now?

Tim Schafer: We kicked this off doing four at once, with four teams, so there's two more... Some of them are still working on, ah, secret stuff.

Eurogamer: Has the Costume Quest team circled back and started on something new?

Tim Schafer: They are... working. [Long pause.]

Eurogamer: He nodded.

Tim Schafer: [Protesting] I said they're working!

Eurogamer: Yeah yeah yeah, I saw you nod.

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